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designing your space to age in place


Dee Bailey has spent the past twenty-five years helping people create and remodel beautiful, lasting living spaces. Her experience sharing the last years of a family member’s life at home inspired her to shift the focus of her company. Dee founded Radius Builders after many years of high-end residential remodeling where she excelled at both hands-on work, production and business operations, eventually moving into executive management. She has directed a number of successful builds for Habitat for Humanity, including supervising the Silicon Valley affiliate’s first all-woman build.

“Life has a way of leading us to our next chapter. Caring for a family member through end-of-life, in our home, was an education and an inspiration on so many levels.

I am proud to reinvent Radius Builders in service of the growing need to help people stay in the homes they love, with comfort and style.”

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