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designing your space to age in place

Dee Bailey's Radius Builders Designed Bathroom

Radius Builders is a design/build firm with more than twenty-five years experience in residential remodeling. We are committed to helping people remove unnecessary obstacles and to design for comfort, beauty and safety in their homes. As we’ve watched ourselves, our friends, and our parents navigate the rewards and challenges of aging, Radius Builders has been reborn. We are bringing together our passion for building with our compassion for people needing more accessible living space. Our goal is to ensure that the home our clients have loved and invested in can age well, right along with them. It’s what we want for ourselves. It’s what we want for you.

Using the Radius Design/Build ProcessTM we create a complete plan, tailored to your style and to your current and future accessibility needs.

Input sessions to establish functional, aesthetic needs
Working drawings and budgets
Final drawings and permits
Ongoing visibility to budget status and schedule
Ability to manage Scope of Work changes
Owner Manual
Warranty and Home Maintenance

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